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There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s worth  f i g h t i n g  for.

"Order. You say that bloody word over and over in your shuck head. Reason we’re all sane around here is cause we work our butts off and maintain order. Order’s the reason we put Ben out—can’t have loonies running around trying to kill people, now can we? Order. Last thing we need is you screwing that up.”


Get to Know Me Meme: 10 celebrity crushes or, “have coffee with me”
↳8/10: Missy Peregrym

I play Nintendo and hang out with my dog.

I cannot fucking deal with 90% of Tumblr any more. The “feminism” is KILLING ME. As somebody who believes in equal rights for men and women and somebody who is wholeheartedly for removing discrimination from our society, I am on the brink of punching several of you in the face. There are many lovely, down to earth actors, authors and musicians who can make a slight comment either joking round or it is misinterpreted and this whole free loving and accepting tumblr mantra goes to absolute shit and you pounce on them like a pack of dogs. Sending them aggressive tweets, circulating posts that they are sexist, racist or homophobic. I am yet to see a celebrity who Tumblr are not backing for president for about 6 months before turning and championing a witch hunt to have them burned at the stake.

Mark: I’m not stupid. I’m upstaging. [x]

I don’t know what y’all are applauding for, I ain’t gonna sing for ya.

"You’re not like the others. You’re curious."

You’ll see that her fears and resistance to Hook in certain ways are based around what I can’t talk about.

Chris Pratt interrupts the interview to french braid intern’s hair x


Tomorrow, everything will change. The new The Maze Runner trailer is almost here! (x)